I literally have not written in so long.

My sister just asked me for some of my poetry to use for a project 

i had to give her something from freshman year. 

Sad day.

Maybe I’ll use this Tumblr thing again. I mean I’ll have nothing but


after my surgery.

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Day 21

The smell is barely there. 

It could be my imagination. 

Probably not. 

My sentiments are elsewhere.


the burn book of 1891

Anna: Ilse Neumann is a grotsky little byatch
Georg: Still true
Thea: Wendla Bergman is a fat virgin
Moritz: Still half true
Otto: Melchior Gabor...he made out with a hotdog
Anna: Martha Bessel = DYKE
Georg: Hey, who is that?
Moritz: I think it's that kid Hanschen
Thea: Yeah, he's almost too gay to function

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Sorry I’ve been away so long!

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hey i just met you

and this is crazy

but here’s my number

so call me beep me if you wanna reach me

the audio post makes this

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Disney Princess Hair


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Have Not Posted

In quite a while. 

And if you care, I apologize.

Once summer starts, 

there will be so much 



Zac talking about how fans react when they recognize him

Is it bad that I just watched this for five minutes and died laughing the entire time?

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